Amy Tan, Amy Tan, Amy Tan

Amy Tan is visiting Australia at the moment. I was very excited to see her at Spotlight at Capalaba. I know this post is completely un-Stampin’ Up! related but it is my wonderful craft world related.

2013-04-28 Amy Tan 003

Earlier this year I “met” a group of ladies on a Facebook group for lovers of Project Life. (Now if you haven’t had any experience with Project Life you should check out some of my older posts on my Scrapping Knights blog here. Seriously if you want an easy way to store your photos and memorabilia AND write the stories that go with your photos in a pretty but non-scrapbooking kind of way you should check out Project Life.) I had been involved in the American Project Life group for quite some time and eventually it dawned on me there might be an Australian group. I have found so much inspiration from this online community and such a sense of belonging. I was so grateful to be able to meet some of the them today at Spotlight.

Amy Tan is just the sweetest lady. Her baby bump was so lovely. (I know it’s crazy that someone with 5 kids can get gaa gaa over a baby bump. You think I’d be over that by now.) We all wanted to have our photos taken with her and our little things signed and she was so kind about it and so accommodating. I know at the moment it is her job but still she doesn’t have to. I’m glad I’m not famous because I couldn’t take it. It was bad enough on my wedding day, I’m glad I don’t have to be in the spotlight  again.

I had a wonderful time and I will post my tags and the card I made on my blog later today when there is good light to photograph them.

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