5 passions

Obviously I’m going to start with scrapbooking. What else am I passionate about? What are your passions?

  1. I have always had a love for recording stories. I have ALWAYS written a diary. Always. My Mum is a great photographer and I have her love of photography even though I am still quite a poor photographer. Even as a Uni student I would take and develop photos when money was scarce. I have many, many photo albums of those years and I am glad. Scrapbooking just seems the perfect way to marry these two loves and besides it allows me to escape from the world and do something for myself. I definitely need to do something for me every day or I’d go insane. Scrapbooking, or craft in general, gives me a way to relax.
  2. A wife. I am a firm believer in putting your marriage first. I want to have an enduring relationship which isn’t dependent upon our kids. I want us to have something more than just the kids. When we are not strong in our relationship it effects the kids. Before I can be a good Mum I need to be a good wife so I can have a healthy and happy outlook on life. I want to make my husband as happy as he makes me. Oh no, we don’t have a rosy relationship all the time. We are not the perfect couple. We are normal. We have our blues but we also acknowledge that a relationship needs to be worked on and so we dedicate time each day to spend with each other. It is very important to us.
  3. My children. I am so pleased I can be here for them. That I am able to spend their days with them, teach them, guide them, love them, hug the. I owe this wonderful experience to my husband. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be able to stay home with the children. I am forever grateful for that. I believe in being home with your kids and that is a choice we have made. Sacrifices for the long term benefit of the children. In the past I have been criticised for providing my daughters with poor feminine role models because I don’t go out to work and I am teaching them that a woman’s place is in the home. I actually don’t mind being home. Don’t get me wrong, most days I would rather go to work as a high school teacher because being home is HARD work but I believe in giving up life’s little goodies for my babies because they are babies for such a short time. I don’t know why people think there is something wrong with women being in the home. Surely the whole point of the feminist movement was having a choice about being home or being in the workforce? Isn’t it my right to choose what I think is best for my family? I love my kids. They are my world. I am so blessed that I am able to spend my days with them.
  4. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle. If I could I would be at the gym every day. Apart from the expense it is just not practical with the 5 kids. I need to do an exercise which fits in with our family’s schedule and I haven’t been able to get that for a while. I just love the feeling you get from exercising. Until December I was very good at exercising every day. I was on track with shedding those baby kgs. In mid-December I got a stress fracture in my foot after a 5km jog one day and an 8km walk the next day. I have since re-fractured it twice. I am pleased to say I haven’t put on any weight but imagine how well I’d be doing if I could actually exercise? I love bootcamp, jogging, swimming and going to the gym. If only my foot would heal I could get back into it. 
  5. Teaching and education. Before I was a Mum I was a teacher and it is probably one of the reason why I love teaching scrapbooking and card classes. It is something that comes naturally to me. It is not a struggle for me. I love it. Every time I do a Stampin’ Up! demo I love it. It is a joy to share what I love with others. Even when I taught high school and the kids were misbehaving it was still enjoyable. It is a highly rewarding job. It is very similar to being a parent. Often the rewards aren’t seen for a long time after the event but it is so wonderful to form relationships with people, to guide them and watch them learn and to learn from them. I value education and it is something I hope my kids will love always. Learning. Imagine a world without learning.

I wonder what my passions will be in 5 years time. What are your passions?


I'd love to hear what you think. I would love to read your comments.

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