The most amazing thing

Yesterday the most amazing thing happened. Do you want to know what it was?

Our dog, Toby, was returned to us after 19 months missing! Is that not one of the most wonderful things you have heard?

2013-08-01 011

We have no idea what happened to him. We don’t know where he’s been. All we know is our little fella is home. He’s not in the best of condition. We know that he has been with other people at some stage because he has a new collar on but we also know that he hasn’t had his skin allergies treated in some time.

When I got the phone call this afternoon I just cried. We had never really given up hope. We always thought he would just walk through the door or that we’d find him as we took our evening walk.

2013-08-01 004

Two nights ago Kevin and I were talking about throwing out a pair of his boots that had been chewed by Toby as a puppy. We couldn’t bring ourselves to do it as it was a link to our lovely dog. Now that we have him back those old boots can go.

This is the reason your pets should be microchipped. Today I am greatful for having a very unusual name. The council was able to track me down because of my unusual name because my phone numbers on the microchip account were old ones but my name was there. Thank God for microchipping.

We are one very happy family.  Thank you to the Oakey Flat Road Vet, Narangba for contacting us. We owe you big time.


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