Europe 2016

We arrived in Paris today at 5.30pm. It was a very long day for us after leaving home at 9.30am Sunday,  flying to Sydney, waiting for our connecting flight at 4pm and arriving in Dubai around 6.30am Australian EST. If that wasn’t bad enough I didn’t sleep at all on that leg of the flight because my shoulder injury was so sore. It felt as though I was being stabbed in the back and I had difficulties breathing. Fortunate I was given some pain killers so I slept fitfully from Dubai to London.


Lisa holding our mascots Mort the possum and Elizabeth the platypus in Dubai

The kids were so well behaved.  We recieved a lot of compliments on theur behaviour.  By the time we’d been through immigration at Heathrow and traveled  on the Underground to go to King’s Cross with all the morning communters the kids were exhausted and needes to do something other than sit down and wait.


Leaving Heathrow to travel to London King's Cross

We managed to find this cute little park in Argyle Square for them to play in. We checked out the Harry Potter store at King’s Cross, changed some money, bought food and went through immigration again to head to France on EuroStar.



Once again, through the procedures and the official part, the kids were so well behaved.  We are very blessed.



A cute little shop near our accommodation

We walked to our accommodation and settled the kids in. Kevin went to find food for dinner and I washed and clothed the kids. I also had a shower. It felt amazing.


After Kevin had made dinner we put the kids to bed and Pauline looked after the kids while Kevin and I went for a walk. We walkes to the top od the hill near our apartment and went into a very beautiful church before walking home and falling into bed.



Out of our apartment window to the street below


  1. I’m exhausted just reading all of this! Am looking forward to following your shenanigans. Have a great time.

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