London day 2 20th June

It was a horribly wet day and considering the late night we had last night at the Harry Potter studios we weren’t very keen to get going today.

We decided it was best not to take Kevin Joshua as he would need to be carried everywhere to see any of the jewels so he went ofd adventuring with Granny and Grandpuff.


You can’t take photos inside unfortunately.


One of the guards. Jessica thought it was so funny they wouldn’t react to us or move at all.


The actual tower to the left. We were very lucky it was a rainy day and were able to get tickets straight away and only wait 10 minutes to get in to see the jewels. As soon as the sun came out the crowds came out.


The windy staircases to stop any attackers being able to advance very easily and fight on their way up. They made me dizzy going up.



Guards marching around the tower.


We had to walk across Tower Bridge to see the crack where the lifts up.


The family on the bridge with the Tower in the background.


In the front of one of the traditional London buses. Up the top of course.


Lisa and Kevin looking out over Trafalgar Square.


They were keen to get up and explore but Kevin found it a bit scary getting down.


The kids loved the Yoda busker.

We even walked from Trafalgar Square to Hambley’s toy store. Five storeys of toy heaven.  Even I loved it and nearly bought the whole store. Jessica did get a Hermione wand and we did get a family Wizard’s chess set. Kevin found some train things to buy, naturally.

It was another long day of walking but we really did enjoy our day out.


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