York to Edinburgh 28-29th June

Days of traveling are always hard but they are even more tiring with a series of bad events. Our luggage is getting heavier, may have something to do with the wizard chess set,  the books and the puzzles, which means the transits are becoming a little more uncomfortable. With 9 people traveling together there is an awful lot of luggage. This time we even had to travel with wet washing also as our clothes which had been in a dryer for more than 3 hours were not yet dry! 

We ate breakfast at the station, bacon buns which half the kids didn’t like.  Who doesn’t like bacon and bread???? A few minutes beforewe were due to board our train it was announced the platform had changed which was a bit annoying as we had to lug all our bags down into the subway then up to the other line which we had already done once before as we had accidentally gone to platform 10 instead of 7. When the announcer told us we had to move we went to platform 11. Once on board there were people sitting in our reserved seating who then proceeded to argue with us even though Kevin pointed out he was traveling with 9 people, 5 of whom were small children.  The railway company had double booked our seats and until the conductor came along and told these people to move as he couldn’t accommodate 9 people anywhere else in the train but he could find places for doubles in multiple places, these people weren’t budging. So over and over during the 2.5 hour trip we had to explain to people we had been double  booked. 

Once we got to Edinburgh our car drama started with the hure company not having one of our cars ready for us, having in fact cancelled one of our bookings and our baby car seats! That resulted in Pauline and I having to wait for 1.5 hours in the cold with all the luggage and the 5 restless kids.

Lisa tripped over some bags and faceplanted into the flagstones. This was hours later when the egg had mostly gone down and she was smiling about it. It must have really hurt. The egg was huge. 

Our dining room, kitchen and laundry next to our loungeroom. 

Thankfully our accommodation turned out to be easy to find and very beautiful but by the time we got out of town to where we were staying we didn’t feel like cooking so we went for a drive to find somewhere to eat. As would be our day, there wasn’t anything available so we ended up cooking anyway. At least we were all ready for bed when bed time came however not before doing the nwxt lot of washing and preparing the cottage for a special birthday in the morning.

So impressed with having to have her photo taken.

Hollie turned 10 today. A very sad day for us because our family no longer has all kids in single digits but a happy one too as it means we have survived parenthood and witnessed this amazing girl grow. A more fabulous and caring big sister yiu could not find.  We are so proud of her in every way. 

She is genuinely excited to have farm animals for her train set.

We are in Scotland because of Hollie.  She said she wanted to visit Scotland so it was planned to be here today for her birthday.  

Presents before we left on our adventures included a card with money from Nanny and another from Mrs Granny Weymouth and an amazing recipe book with a hand quilted cover from Granny and Grandpuff which includes some of the Knight family recipes and space for Hollie to include her own. Gifts from us included her own camera, given to her the day we left, and a train cup for train club,  farm people for her train set and a boat in a bottle (there’s a story behind that). 

Kevin Joshua loved the Lego Britannia. Shown here with Hannah and Mort.

We had morning tea on the Royal Britannia which included a cake with a candle in it. The ship was amazing and we got to see the chair Kevin W sat on when he delivered mail to the Queen. It was a great ship and I’m glad we were able to walk through  it though I do think it’s a shame it is no longer used by the Queen and family. 

Hannah with her yummy milk shake.

Hannah and Kevin with the bell. Yes, Kevin did indeed want to ring it. 

A funny game the sailors played whereby the wombat, whoever gave the wombat was obviously not Australian as it looks more like a black bear, was placed on the fan and spun until it came off and the batter had to belt it around the room.

Scotland really turned on the weather for us today. If Kevin had any worries about me trying to find some standing stone to walk through to try to find myself a Jamie he needn’t worry. I could not handle this rain for very long at all.  Through the rain we walked up most of the Royal Mile to the castle. Good grief. There is no way you could storm that castle and take it. The fortifications are unbelievable. Natural and man made barriers mean you wouldn’t stand a chance.

The castle entrance.

These are NOT my sisters.

Hollie selected 9 cake slices to bring home as her birthday cake. Very delicious if a little unconventional. 

So yummy.


9.30pm no wonder the kids won’t go to sleep. 

It is 11pm now and it is still light. I can see more detail than the photo shows. I can see the outlines of the trees and where the paddocks start and stop and where the individual hills are.
Only 8.2km walked today.

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