Month: July 2020

Epic adventure

Today Jessica, our 12 year old, and I sent out on our epic adventure. Our goal was to walk from home, Burpengary, to my in-laws in Nundah, a feat of 34km but was in fact over 35km.

Why on earth would we think to do this in our holidays? Like many things this year Jessica’s Kokoda Challenge was cancelled because of COVID19. I’d promised to enter Jessica with me this year as her school didn’t allow such young students to do the 30km event. Jessica was desperate to do it last year so a promise is a promise and although she couldn’t do the actual event we made sure she could still prove a point.

Our planning had us walking off paths and on the side of the roads during the early hours of this morning for about 5 or so km. We were equipped with rear flashing bike lights, head torches and high vis jackets. We were able to walk on the wide verge or the grass and pass vehicles were very respectful and kept their distance.

Our firefly bottoms

After this it was paths all the way. We had many laughs, no tears, a bit of pain- I have a big blister on my small toe and we bother have very sore legs- lots of chats, a bit of pick me up music, a coffee and frozen cokes stop and a bit of annoyance over a miscommunication about the amount of hills. Overall we had a fabulous time and I’m so proud of Jessica. Hopefully her school will allow her to do the 30km Kokoda Challenge next year.

Only 8km to go